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Mr. Whitney has a long and distinguished career in business and community politics. As a former Chief of Tsuu T’ina First Nation from 1984 to 2001, Mr Whitney was instrumental in improving relations between his community, all three levels of government and the non-aboriginal business community. In the year 2000, Roy was the recipient of the National Aboriginal Achievement award for business and commerce along with the Paul Harris Fellow Award for bridging relations and building understanding for Indigenous peoples of the world.

Beyond his work on economic development initiatives, Roy has been instrumental on the political front wherein, he Co-chaired the Prime Ministers dinner in Calgary in 2002/03, attended the UN Forum on International Peoples issues, and served as Board member for the G8 Summit in 2002. Roy also sat as Chairperson for the National Aboriginal Economic Development Board, retiring in 2003 after eight years of service.  

Roy is also a recent graduate of Haskyne business school at the University  of Calgary from the Institute of Corporate directors,  Directors Education Program for Board Governance.

Today, Roy continues to promote socio-economic opportunities for Aboriginal people and sustaining relationships with Industry through Wynterose Consulting Group.