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Jan Whitney - jan@wynteroseconsulting.com

Jan brings to Wynterose Consulting over 25 years experience working with Aboriginal communities and the corporate sector, in the areas of business development, nursing, community health, community justice and corporate management.

 An entrepreneur at heart, Jan has owned and operated her own small business in the city of Vancouver, BC, Calgary Alberta and also managed a small business corporate chain in the city of Los Angeles, California.

 Prior to joining her husband Roy in the consulting business as full partner, her entrepreneurial skills lead her to start her own consulting business under Wynterose Enterprises providing business development services to First Nations and Aboriginal Capital Corporations.   Jan was also employed with the Treaty 7 Economic Development Corporation as a senior business analyst.  She is best described as being action oriented, results driven and motivator to building strong teams.

 Jan was born and raised in Northern Alberta and is a direct descendent to the signatories of Treaty number 8 and holds First Nation status.  Jan continues to assist in the building of stronger economic opportunities for Aboriginal communities by providing her services to the corporate sector in the city of Calgary, AB.  Jan views her role as managing partner in Wynterose Consulting as an opportunity to work with companies and Aboriginal communities to further advance economic and social opportunities and is committed to developing effective communication bridges between corporate Canada and Aboriginal communities.

 Jan has studied at the University of California (Business Administration), Alberta College (Nursing) and the University of Calgary (Management) obtaining certificates in Management, conflict resolution and Nursing.  Jan continues her undergrad studies at the University of Calgary whenever time permits.