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John Whitney joined Wynterose Consulting in August 2008.  As a member of the Tsuu Tíina Nation he brings with him 25 years of experience in developing working relationships between aboriginal peoples and Canadian businesses.  John was the Economic Development Officer, and later the Business Development Officer for the Tsuu Tíina Nation for 6 years.  His main focus was to maintain operations of existing Tsuu Tíina Nation businesses as well as work closely with Indian Oil & Gas developing working relationships with potential oil companies interested in exploration on Nation lands.  Prior to that he was an R.C.M.P officer working with First Nation Reserves, Band Administrator for 5 years and the General Manager at Redwood Meadows, one of the top golf courses in Canada, for 15 years. 

John is a member of CANDO (Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers).  Johnís work experience also includes sitting on the Tsuu Tíina Police Commission for 10 years as well as the Provincial Driver Control Board for three years.